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      • We’re proud to present our

        2021 Sustainability Report

        When we solve water for our customers, we're solving so much more. 

        Read Our 2021 Sustainability Report

      • Xylem’s Edge Control set to cut energy use by 25%

        New smart wastewater treatment solution unlocks cost efficiencies for wastewater utilities.

        Read more

      • Take steps to solve water

        Join Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City FC and help solve the world’s water problems by taking part in a water challenge on Strava.

        Join the Challenge

      • Xylem marks production of 5 million Flygt pumps

        Production of the 5 millionth pump continues Flygt’s 100-year record of pioneering water innovation

        Read more

      • 2022 Stockholm Water Prize

        Top Hydrologist Awarded SWP

        Professor Wilfried Brutsaert, a leader in land-atmostphere coupling research, wins SWP 2022

        Read More

      • Celebrating World Water Day

        Making Waves Marks World Water Day and a Global Movement to Make Water More Visible

        Read more

      • Leading With Infrastructure

        Q&A with Al Cho, Chief Strategy & Digital Officer at Xylem on how to Harness the Biggest Opportunity of Our Time

        Read more

      Our Water Solutions & Technology

      Global Headquarters

      301 Water Street SE,
      Washington, DC 20003

      View More Locations

      Let’s Solve Water. Let’s See How.


      From smart and connected devices to intelligent solutions and services, Xylem Vue supports your digital journey.

      Read more

      Making Waves: News from Xylem


      Stories about how we are solving water around the world.

      Read more

      Collaborating to Drive Innovation


      Xylem is teaming with leading organizations to drive breakthrough innovation and shape the future of water.

      Read more

      News from Xylem

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